Al-Kasid Gruop

Al-Kasid is an Iraqi based consortium, with a business network in the Middle-East, serving the needs and requirements of the local Iraqi market, private and governmental sectors. We serve the everyday needs of our customers, all under one roof catering mainly to the Automotive, Logistics, General Supply and the Construction Industries. Our core business includes the supply of all sorts of cars, vehicles, machines, plants, equipment, logistic services, computers, accessories, general supplies, and the list is endless. We also have state-of-the-art facilities such as showrooms, service centers, mobile workshop etc. Al-Kasid Group’s Capital investment stands at US$500 million, encompassing several companies operating in diversified areas. With a strong and dedicated management team, the company has grown over the years, from strength to strength.


To become a market leader in Iraq for providing Products, Solutions and Services to build our beloved country, Iraq, and to enhance the quality of its people life.


Striving to supply the Iraqi market with an excellent quality products, having a good value for the money, and to give a superior services which exceed customers’ expectations.

CEO Message

Since obtaining the automotive franchise for Iraq, Al-Kasid has been the pioneer in the market, ensuring highest customer satisfaction. Al-Kasid has effectively provided a comprehensive range of services that elevate the quality of its brands. Al-Kasid Commercial Agencies has a long history in supplying the Private and Government entities with various vehicles/machines and genuine spare parts and has implemented many contracts since 1996 with remarkable success. Al-Kasid Commercial Agencies has after sales service centers fully equipped with the special tools and genuine spare parts to cover all the vehicles/machines related to our products. We have highly trained staff and mobile workshops to cover the service and needs for all our customers.

Al-Kasid Group has affiliates working in different sectors, amongst are:

- Oil, Gas and Energy: Iraqi Government entities being the potential clients, AL-Kasid offers a variety of services in cooperation with Global Manufacturers to successfully execute projects in this field.

- Security and Defense: Under the current circumstances of Iraq, we offer our services to supply the Government with a variety of products within the security field.

- Construction and Engineering: Al-Kasid Engineering & General Contracts Company, another member of Al-Kasid Group, is specialized in construction projects, having full pledged staff and equipment to carry out major projects in this field.

- Logistics: Al-Kasid has one of the largest fleet of tractor heads and a wide variety of trailers for all types of domestic transport.

- General Trading: General supply of goods and commodities to the private and government market.

Thank you for your interest in our Group of Company and hope to be of service to you.


Chairman & CEO

History of the company

Where it all began


 Established Al-Kasid Transportation Bureau in Iraq.


Established Al-Kasid Construction Bureau in Iraq.


Established Al-Kasid Eng. & General Contracts Co. in Iraq


Established Al-Kasid Commercial Agencies Co. in Iraq


Established Al-Kasid Group Branch Office in Jordan


Established Al-Kasid Group HQ in UAE


Established ELDANI Motors LLC in UAE.


established Arabian Business Vision Co. (ABV) in UAE


Established Al-Kasid Mashreq Co. in Iraq


Established Alsafar Motors Co. in Iraq


Established Zaatar Auto Spare Parts Co. in UAE.


Established Al-Kasid Zarqa FZCO in Jordan.


Established Al-Kasid Star Automotive Co. in Iraq


Established GK Joint venture for Iraq market.


Established Ishatar Auto Spare Parts Co. in UAE