AB Vision offer:
- We understand the challenges that multinational companies face when entering or expanding their business in Iraq.
- We understand the main financial supply chain challenges imposed by an evolving Iraqi banking sector, regulatory uncertainties, foreign exchange controls, guarantee issuance and others.
- Our expertise and knowledge of the Iraqi market makes many multinational companies turn to us to help them address the business operations challenges in Iraq.
- Whether you are involved in exploring, extracting, refining, transporting or marketing oil or other hydrocarbons, AB Vision offers comprehensive range of services to support the upstream, midstream and downstream activities in Iraq.


It is vital to work with a trusted partner to achieve your business goals. Our services include:
- Developing a sustainable supply chain strategy, manage your business risk, and unlock the financial supply chain bottlenecks
- Demonstrating an active market presence by marketing your products and services in Iraq.
- Provision of security expertise and arrangements to the work sites, transport services, supply and delivery of equipments and vehicles to the construction sites.
- Supplying Oil field products, equipment, parts and services to the regional Oil & Gas companies and their projects
- Trading with Oil and hydrocarbon derivatives
- Providing strategic and technical advice.

We provide vertically integrated activities for oil and gas pipelines, including supply and installation of equipments for pipeline construction, fabrication, utility installation, well site preparation, compaction, leveling and fencing. We supply various equipment and instruments such as welding sets, pipe bending machines and cranes necessary to complete the mechanical work to build a pipeline
We have a wealth of experience in storage tank construction and repair offering tailored solutions for all types of storage tanks including the refinery sector, oil storage depots, power stations, and chemical processing plants.


Al-Kasid has a significant potential in the field of Energy via its companies, Arabian Business Vision (AB Vision) and Al-Kasid Engineering and General Contracts Co., Ltd.

1- Generation:

Al-Kasid has specialized engineering in analysis of power plant facilities, cooperation with international manufacturers of power (Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Hydro Power Plant and Diesel Generators).

2- Transmission:

Al-Kasid is interested to establish Transmission Lines (400KV / 132KV) projects and sub-stations. Al-Kasid has also long experience in the supply of equipment such as Power Transmission Towers, Switch Gear, Power Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Cables and Joints.

3- Distribution:

Al-Kasid has successful experience in converting Over-Head Distribution Lines to Under-Ground Cable. Al-Kasid has long experience in supply of equipment for the Distribution of Power, such as; poles, distribution transformers, joint, scada system and others.