Al-Kasid Land Transportation Company is one of the largest of its kind in Iraq, with a fleet of:

1- Tractor Heads

2- Passenger Car-Carrier Trailers

3- Heavy Payload Low-bed Semi Trailers

4- Medium Payload Low-bed Semi Trailers

5- Container Carrier Trailers 6- Loose Cargo Trailers.


Logistics management:

We appreciate the complexities of operating in Iraq and we are able to assist you in the following areas:

Logistics operation and network

Inventory levels

Freight methodology and export and import processes

Warehousing management:

AB Vision can help you make sure that your warehousing facilities meets the business requirements, and is able to cope with future demands. At a strategic level we can help you to determine the optimum number, location and design of facilities, taking into consideration the geographical distribution of your customers, suppliers, customer service requirements, existing resources, and availability and cost of new facilities and labour.

Transport management:

AB Vision has the experience to determining the most appropriate transport solution with access to modeling programs to assist with mode optimization, infrastructure design, optimum fleet profile and fleet management.
Project management and administration:

We can provide a project management service to assist you with the implementation, and provide ongoing support to your projects in Iraq. This may include specification, tendering and installation management of equipment.