Supply chain security:
AB Vision helps you to identify, respond, and mitigate risk throughout the supply chain environment in Iraq. It is our team’s mission to work closely with you to understand your needs and to ensure the safe and secure handling of your products and services throughout the supply chain network. Our team has the expertise and knowledge about the  Iraqi national mandatory security regulations and initiatives and employs a risk management approach to enhancing security vigilance and awareness within your supply chain network in Iraq.


The Government of Iraq is pursuing an active modernization program to account for years of neglect and focus on internal security concerns. Iraq urgently needs to close its gaps in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities and is now building this capability for its security needs. The Iraqi Army is embarking on a campaign to re-equip and modernize to provide a credible defense capability. In addition to the hardware, there will be a continuing requirement for logistics support, maintenance, and training. Expanded infrastructure and revitalized facilities will be needed to support the Army’s modernization efforts.
AB Vision Offer Our vision is to be a recognized supplier in integrated security and defence solutions, meeting the specialized requirements of the Iraqi ministry of defense and ministry of interior.

Our fields:

- Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems

- Tactical and non-tactical vehicles

- Rotary wing aircraft for internal security and self defense capability

- Air defense and command systems

- Patrol assets for protecting critical infrastructure

- Armed vehicles

- Military training and education services

- Contractor engineering and technical support services

- Training and Maintenance Support